Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TRIZ Innovation Flow Workshop

I conducted a one-day workshop on TRIZ-based innovative problem solving at Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS, Chennai). It was attended by their innovation leaders, managers and facilitators. The level of enthusiasm for learning TRIZ was very high at CTS.

I kept the workshop very interactive and helped them to use various TRIZ tools like ideal final results (IFR), Function Map, Technical contradiction, Inventive Principles, Technology evolution trends etc.

Ram (Dr Ramaseshan Ramachandran), my host at CTS, is a member of TRIZ India and is very passionate about TRIZ. He is keen to adopt a systematic innovation framework based on TRIZ.

Prakash made the workshop very lively by sharing some great examples on applying TRIZ in the software domain. The fact that all these folks spent their whole weekend discussing TRIZ shows the level of enthusiasm & their earnestness towards learning TRIZ

You can download the presentation charts from: