Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Innovation Leaders can learn from Stephen Covey

A tribute to Stephen Covey

Most of us know Steven Covey as the author of the highly acclaimed “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I wish to draw your attention to the book that he wrote on  the 8th Habit which is all about “finding your voice” and helping others find theirs. 

In this context “voice” is the unique personal significance that each person offers and can bring to bear at work. To find your voice, you must connect with mind, body, heart and spirit. He defines leadership as the ability to help others understand their own true worth and potential so that they see it in themselves and live accordingly. 

This book resonated with me because I believe as Innovation leaders we have the potential to make an enormous difference in the lives of the people we work with. The "voice" that we need to find is creativity and innovation. We need to find our Innovation potential and helps others to find it. 
  • Each person has creativity latent in him. It is the duty of the Innovation leader to kindle that latent potential and create opportunities for employees to express their creativity. 
  • The Innovation leader has to help the person to grow his creative idea into an innovation that the larger organization would care for. 
  • It is also the Innovation leader's responsibility to guide the Organization in creating a culture of innovation - an atmosphere where the employees feel comfortable about expressing their creativity.

Most of the time, an innovation leader's role is like that of a catalyst that accelerates a reaction without directly participating in it - he / she facilitates innovations - helps others to grow their ideas into innovations - helps others to succeed.

Thanks Steve for teaching us the 8th Habit.

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  1. Seems related to Steven Kays, inventor with Innovation Institute.