Thursday, July 30, 2009

Innovation Workshop at ARAI, Pune

I conducted a one-day workshop for engineers and scientists at the Automotive Research association of India, Pune last week.

You will find the Presentation Material "Innovation Flow" at my LinkedIn page:


My friend Prashant (PhD Mech Eng from IIT Bombay, > 10 Yrs Industrial excperience and expert on Automotive technology) facilitated this session. I used the first half of the day teaching tools to define and analyze the Problem. We used Five-Whys for root-cause analysis, Nine windows to capture the breadth of the problem and TRIZ Function Mapping to identify the key interactions between various elements. We listed about 15 precisely defined technical problem statements at the end of this exercise.

We had a grand lunch at the ARAI Caffetaria and had a lively discussion with the participants over lunch. The ARAI folks were very enthusiastic about learning Innovation tools and they were all deep domain experts.


In the noon session, we formulated TRIZ technical contradiction, used the Contradiction Matrix and discussed the Inventive Principles. The session started at 9.30am and went on till 5.30 pm. The session was kept very interactive and the ARAI team participated enthusiastically in the various problem solving exercises. Despite the grand lunch, nobody looked sleepy during the post-lunch session :).


We agreed to have a follow up session next on focused brainstorming of Ideas using TRIZ Triggers and Evaluation of Ideas using Six Hats method.


  1. You will find this presentation in SlideShare - look for "Innovation Flow" and "Shankar MV".

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