Monday, July 27, 2009

Ideality directs Innovation Flow

The Idea of using Ideality concept to direct the Innovation Flow was popularized by TRIZ. IFR - Ideal Final Result - is a central concept of TRIZ. This is about visualizing what is the ideal situation to be in - what does it look like - what happens when this Ideal situation is realized. This visualization is practised without being constrained by what is possible (today) & what is not. IFR is about escaping from current constraints and thinking about an ideal situation. IFR is a powerful concept that can be used well beyond technical problem solving.

My Mantra for Innovative Problem Solving is Focus - Escape - Move. Focus on all the zones and dimensions of the problem - i use tool slike 9 Windows and 5 Whys. The next stage is to escape from the present Paradigms - i use TRIZ tools Function Maps and Ideal Final Result here. The third stage is Move where i use the TRIZ Contradiction matrix and Inventive Principles. We will have more than one innovative solution after these three steps. Further i use the TRIZ evolution potential analysis to figure out what next.

The technology evolution S-curves are driven by improving Ideality. Ideality is defined as the ratio of the functional benefits to the sum of cost and harms for a given technology. One can evolve the technology by developing solutions that offer more benefits, less cost or less disadvantages. All these are in the positive direction of technology evolution. TRIZ tools help us with triggers to move from one S-curve to another. We will look at some interesting examples this week.

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