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Making Pirate Ships out of MRI - Design Thinking at its best

"..most effective insights we got came from kneeling down and 
looking at rooms from the height of a child" 
- Doug Dietz


This is the story of how Doug Dietz transformed a MRI machine into a Pirate Ship. Doug is an expert in designing advanced medical equipments like the MRI. When he was at a hospital, he was pained to observe how a small child was so terrified to enter the machine for a scan. Thats when he felt the needs for understanding his customers - the kids in thsi case - and design his product in such a way that make his customers feel comfortable. He transformed teh huge MRI equipment into a pirate ship so that the kids are mesmerized by the experience of entering a pirate ship when they are getting scanned.

I learnt about this from a TED Talk that Daid Kelley (of IDEO) gave on 
How to build your creative confidence" -

DOUG DIETZ on “Design Thinking Starting with Empathy”
As principal designer for GE Healthcare, Doug had been designing diagnostic imaging equipment for more than 20 years when he realized that young patients’ actual experience of this cutting-edge technology was, well, awful. Children were often so terrified by the prospect of lying alone inside the huge, noisy machine that they often had to be sedated just to get through the experience.  Doug put together a team of experts to solve this problem, including staff from a local children’s museum, kids, and hospital staff. The result was an innovative, design-driven solution that utterly transformed the experience for children. - Doug Dietz'sTEDx talk - Design Thinking starts with Empathy.
When you design for meaning, good things will happen.


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