Thursday, August 6, 2009

Innovator's advice for Innovators - what is the smart thing to do when the going gets tough?

Art & Innovation seems to go together. Art Fry (3M) of PostIt fame has become a legend in Innovation circles. Here is some news about Art Fong, an innovator from HP. Art Fong has a piece of advice for Innovators - I am sure you would like it.

Phil (McKinney of Killer Innovation) recently interviewed Art Fong, who was personally recruited by Bill Hewlett to Hewlett-Packard in 1946.

About Art Fong:
Prior to joining the HP team, Art had many groundbreaking achievements in his career. He was a part of the development of the first AM/FM radio and radar technology, which became an integral part of the World War II efforts against the Axis. During his time at HP, Art made major engineering contributions to the company, with innovations such as impedance-measuring instruments, a line of signal generators, and the first calibrated microwave spectrum analyzer. At one point, his innovations generated a staggering 30 percent of HP’s revenue.

Art Fong's advice for fellow innovators and engineers:

.. when the going gets tough, go backpacking, fishing, skiing, so forth. Relax. It gives you a break when your problems are all mixed up in your cranium. I found sudden answers while looking at the clouds, a falling star, or a fawn. Thinking of problems while in a new environment often leads to a new path to the solution.

I believe in his advice. Many great Inventors and Innovators have expressed simillar views.

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