Friday, August 10, 2012

How to grow Nanotechnology Inventions into Innovations ?

I am speaking at the Nanotechnology Center, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) on 16 August.

Nanotechnology is a fertile area of inter-disciplinary research and holds great potential for solving the World's most critical problems in renewable energy, affordable healthcare, water management etc. We often read reports on promising nanotechnology inventions that seem to have the potential to positively impact the lives of people. However a very small fraction of these inventions are commercialized and made available to the common man as affordable and valuable solutions. 

During my years at GE, Dow and Honeywell, I had the opportunity to work with global teams of scientists and inventors who are some of the best in Nanotechnology. I lead many programs to bring their minds together and create innovative new products enabled by nanotechnology - I had my share of successes and failures and I got some very valuable learning out of these efforts.

I intend to focus my talk on the question - How to take breakthrough ideas in Nanotechnology from the Lab to the Market?

We will analyze the key challenges and also look at how innovators have overcome innovation barriers and successfully commercialized their Nanotechnology Inventions. We will navigate through 
  • (a) how to identify opportunities or problems that Nanotechnology can solve 
  • (b) how to create fresh insightful ideas
  • (c) how to grow ideas into inventions 
  • (d) how to create the intellectual property around your Invention 
  • (e) how to create value to customer by using your Invention 
  • (f) how to design a nanotechnology-enabled new product and 
  • (g) how to take this new product successfully to the Market. 

With this knowledge, we will be able to systematically grow our Nanotechnology Ideas into valuable Innovations.

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