Sunday, January 28, 2018

Creating Abundance through Innovation - DESI approach

Recently I was invited to speak at IIT Madras for a Conference on Design Education organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

I met some old friends like

Prof Amaresh Chakrabarti (IISc)

Dr Ramanan (Medical Stents Innovator and old GE friend) -

and made some new friends (Prof Peer Sathikh, NTU, Singapore) .

I described four thinking skills that we need to train our young innovators on so that they can create abundance through their innovations.

I spoke about human centered design first - cited the popular example - GE Doug Dietz and the MRI machine.

Then I described the power of exponential thinking - introduced the 6 D Framework of Peter Diamandis -

I went to talk about Systems thinking - cited the Aravind Eye Care case study.

Finally, I concluded with my favourite piece on Inventive thinking - TRIZ - Ideality, Function Maps and Technology Evolution Trends.

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