Friday, December 14, 2012

3 Paths to Innovation

There were three paths that diverge into the woods
all the three were less travelled
so I wondered which path to take
but as I travelled, I realised
that all the three lead to the same woods

The first path helps the Innovator to arrive at an insight purely through Knowledge. In-depth knowledge arrived a through disciplined analysis. Intimate knowledge of the Customer. Holistic knowledge of the ecosystem. Predictive knowledge of Market and Technology evolution. Intuitive knowledge of the barriers to idea diffusion etc.

The second path helps the Innovator to create value (to the Customer) purely through his devotion to the cause. Many good ideas fail to bring significant value to the Customer. When the Innovator is devoted to the cause - he understands the Customer's pain points well and he is focused on shaping the Idea to create value to the Customer. 

The third path helps the Innovator to exceute the Idea purely through Action. Action deriving out of a well conceived plan and a systematic approach helps the Innovator to overcome all the barriers and take the Idea successfully to the Market. The Innovator acts with full concentration, unwavered by factors such as whether the Innovation will be successful or not.

Bhagwad Gita prescribes these three paths to solves any problem - the path of Knowledge (Jnana marga), the path of devotion (Bhakthi maga) and the path of execution (Karma marga).

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