Sunday, December 9, 2012

When the Right meets the Left

The right brain helps us to get a new idea. In fact it offers us many new ideas and we register and act on a few of those. The left brain helps us to make the Idea work. Hence it is obvious that we need to learn to use both the right and left guys effectively.

The funny thing about these two neighbours is that they dont get along well (like most neighbours). When the right guy talks, the left guy jumps in and criticizes him. Then the right guy becomes silent.

Real innovation happends when these two guys can sing a duet together.

How do you control these two guys and make them speak in tandem ? - this is a million dollar question for an individual or an organization that wants to excel in Innovation.

Helps comes from the ancient Indian science of Pranayama - balancing the life breath.

I attended a Medidation camp at Adi Sankara Nilayam (Sankaracharya's birthplace in Kerala). The Meditation was taught by Guruji Tejomayananda who head the Chinmaya International Foundation. 

I wake up early in the morning (5-5.30am, when things are realtively quiet), sit comfortably in a posture such that my back is straight (Asana) and start observing my breathing pattern. I stabilize my breathing rate and control my inhaling and exhaling through the two nostrils. I do this atleast 18 times while constanly chanting the Gayatri mantra. I instruct my concious Mind to temporarily let go all its worries and relax totally.I chant Om 18 times - the sound starts from the belly (o), passes through the throat (u) and finally resonates in the head (m).  I spend about 15 mins for this entire ritual.

Pranayama and Meditation helps me to strike a balance between right and left brain thinking. Innovation needs a whole-brain thinking.

Many western innovation experts have started writing about the benefits meditation in Innovation. For example, read Peter Bregman's recent HBR Blog On Meditation

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