Monday, December 31, 2012

Battery Innovation that flows

Liquid Metal Battery Technology - Donald Sadoway (MIT)

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We often hear about the goodness of alternative energy, like solar and wind - then what is holding us back from using them ? The primary concern is how do we manage when the Sun is not around in the night or when the wind is not blowing - these concerns shifts our focus to the energy storage technologies.

Currently we use solid state batteries. A fundamental technology evolution trend is to move from solid to liquid - it is easy to predict that the next revolution in energy storage will come from all-liquid batteries. We see evidence for the "TRIZ technology evolution trend of Solid - Liquid - Gas - Field" in many domains.

Donald Sadoway is working on a battery miracle -- an inexpensive, incredibly efficient, three-layered battery using “liquid metal. His Inventive thinking is best described in his own words: "We need to think about the problem differently. We need to think big. We need to think cheap."
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At MIT, Donald Sadoway has been working on a grid-size battery system that stores energy using a three-layer liquid-metal core. With help from fans like Bill Gates, Sadoway and two of his students have spun off the Liquid Metals Battery Corporation (LMBC) to bring the battery to market. Sadoway’s MIT Liquid Metal Battery Startup Adds $15M and Khosla Ventures as Investor


Donald Sadoway is visiting India in March to speak at the MIT Technology Review Emerging Technologies Conference - EmTech 2013 -

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