Sunday, December 9, 2012

Innovation is a process, unlike Creativity

Creativity is not a process, right ? (Tim Cook, The Apple CEO)

I agree with Tim, Creativity is not a process. In fact many creative folks fear that a process may well wipe out whatever creativity that exists.

But Creativity and Innovation are not synonymous. Innovation is still a process.

Innovation is the process of (a) using creativity to create insightful ideas (b) using these ideas to craete value to the Customer and (c) taking that value-creating idea to the Market successfully.

Creativity will yield good ideas. But a process is still needed to make that creative idea solve real problems and craete value to customer. Without a structured process, it is difficult to take an idea (however great it is) successfully to the Market.

So Tim, Innovation is a process unlike Creativity.

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  1. Well noted Shankar
    & the need for such structured innovation gets re-iterated time-to-time..